Q:  Does the eSPACE solution accommodate both standard and flatscreen monitors?

A:  Yes, the system has been designed to accommodate almost any size and shape of          

      monitor in the marketplace

Q:  What about the glare on the glass?

A:  Glare produced by certain types of monitors standing on a desktop can be reduced by  

     placing the screen beneath the desk

Q:  Will I be too far away from the screen when it is placed below the desk work surface?

A:  The longer viewing distance accommodates the eye and reduces eye strain. Most desk

      top monitors and in fact to close to the user.

Q: Do I have to buy a new desk?

A:  No, we offer a retro-fit kit.

Q:  Is it possible to rearrange the desk layout?

A:  Yes, the desks are modular and can be moved and repositioned

Q:  Is my monitor secure?

A:  Yes, eSPACE system is preset for angled position of monitor and is secured in place.

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